Painting experiment again

The recent storms have conked out my DSL and I couldn't even reach Globe's customer service line. I'm thankful that no DSL is my only trouble from that storm. Many people weren't so lucky. I just read in the newspaper that there was a man who literally lost everything: his home and his family. Please pray for him, and let's all do our part to help the victims.

Please also don't forget the people in the provinces. People in Botolan, Zambales are still inundated with floodwaters that have yet to subside since Typhoon Kiko. Let's pray for them.


I always loved fantasy, and though in local folklore the "little people" aren't often seen on a positive light, this one's based more on the ones that reside in the United Kingdom. I grew up reading Enid Blyton's stories so I know about elves, fairies, pixies and gnomes.

This is the second in the "mushroom" works. The first I didn't like much because I made the mistake of outlining what I painted. This one, I tried to keep the paint from going over the other ares so there's a clear line.

My favorite part is the flower. The shadow over it is me, as I only took a picture. :)

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