I protest!

A news article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer about Carlo J. Caparas now a National Artist for Visual Art and Film sparked comments from the Filipino blog community. Not surprisingly, these comments were in protest of the win.

I don't really have much to say about this, except that I'm against it and will stand behind those who protest it. I believe that there are far more worthy artists out there who deserve the title. Here are a few blog entries that also air the same sentiments. I will edit this to add more later.

Gerry Alanguilan "A Questionable Victory"
- Gerry has long aired his views about the praised heaped upon Carlo J. and fought for the recognition of the artists who worked on the komiks that Caparas produced. His blog entry lists several good reasons why the win isn't just, and if you care to browse back in his archives, you'll find his other related posts.

The Marocharim Experiment "In protest of Caparas as a National Artist"

The worst part about this is that the masses don't and won't care because the bottomline is they get entertained.


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