Random painting

Feeling odd today, but weirdly enough, I did quite a few things that made me feel a bit accomplished. :)

- Upped my Nanowrimo work to 6131 words. Some may say I should be way beyond the 15k mark by now, but given how lazy I am and how uninspired I am to write, that's an accomplishment. For some reason, even though I want to write, the idea of writing just for the number of words makes me want to not write. But this is good, even though the story is mostly made up of snippets and that I'm veering away from the supposed main characters.

- Painted on my bookshelf. I was just imagining what it would like to paint on my bookshelf until the urge got so strong that I just did.


Base. I made a mistake and wet my brush, thus the thin layer

Black & white


At first I was irritated at the wobbly lines, but then I realized it looked great that way, smudges and all. With my leftover black paint, I dabbled on other parts of the bookshelf. Nothing much though. Sorry the pictures are blurry. :p


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