5th Annual Sculpture Review

On Saturday, my friend Elise and I, on a whim, passed by the 5th Annual Sculpture Review in Megamall. I saw one familiar name among the list of artists, Agnes Arellano, whom I've heard mention from another artist, Datu Arellano.

"I'm Just A Rambling Man" by Lirio Salvador

"Google Earth" by Michael Cacnio

"Call Center Revolution" by Anna Varona (I like this one. The hands move counter-clockwise)

"Seacock #1" by Tito Estrada (Elise loves the colors)

There's one that I wasn't able to take a picture of, a sculpture of Manila in the future, made out of aluminum. It's mounted on the wall on the right side of the entrance. It's a really clever work.

The exhibit runs until tomorrow.


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