Playing with acrylics

I finally decided to open the set of acrylic paints I bought some months ago. I mostly use watercolor and colored pencils, then digital paint for most of my works (which aren't enough *sigh*).

The first time I ever used acrylics was when I was about nine or ten, when my aunt gave me one of those "paint-by-number" kits. The paint was acrylic, and I remember this not because it was written on the box, but because I remember using the paint on other surfaces including eggshells* and they never washed off.

I didn't have any particular subject in mind, so I just chose the colors and dabbed them on the paper.

One of the first things I read about painting in general is making a wash, so I did that. I like how the blue and the green flow into each other. Everything else was random.

I'm trying to work on learning how to color people. Since my style is mainly manga/anime, that's the color style I'm using. However, I'm trying to work on doing realism, so I hope to veer away from doing anime style when using paint. Not that there's nothing bad about it, but I just want to try and develop a different style.

There's something wrong with this, I know. There's something wrong about the proportions, mostly. I didn't really intend for this to be anything but practice, so I don't mind that it looks bad. Room for improvement, ika nga. I used this as a reference for the pose.

One thing you must remember with acrylics is that unlike watercolor, you can't re-use acrylics once it's dry. With watercolor, just dab them with water and you're good to go. I read this in one of my painting course books but it didn't really register until I brought out my palette and tried to use the colors I already had on. Zilch. The paint was harder than glue left out for 24 hours.

Hence, this last er, work. I did it mainly because I didn't want to waste the paint. I had Burnt Sienna, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Viridian, Ultra Blue and Black. The top scene was first done with dabs of Yellow Ochre, with no specific shape in mind. I just took the brush and used up all the paint until somehow, I ended up with that. I think it looks like mountains and field during sunset.

The black wiggly lines was done because I can't seem to fit the black anywhere in the top and bottom scene. The bottom's just random.

I want to buy some gum paint to experiment on next. Its like a mask you brush on your work so that particular part doesn't get any paint on it. When you're ready to work on that, you just peel the mask away.

More practice!

*Eggshells? Yes. I found a book that showed how you can remove the egg's contents without breaking the shell. After I did that, I painted the shell. Needless to say I ate a lot of scrambled eggs during the time I was in this art phase hehe.


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